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About Me

Throughout my life, I have had the great pleasure of pursuing music in many different capacities. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Music Education from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, where I also obtained my teaching certification. I studied Classical Guitar under Mr. Michael Moore, and French Horn under Dr. Kenneth Iyescas.

Below is some more insight into my musical experience:

Classical Guitar

My first instrument I ever learned how to play was the electric guitar, when I started taking lessons in 2009. I learned different styles of rock, metal, and blues music, and my love for the instrument eventually led to transitioning to the classical guitar as a young teen.

Ever since starting classical guitar, it remained a hobby of mine. I would pick it up and play to help relieve stress, or learn a new song for fun. 

After entering University in 2019, I met Mr. Michael Moore, who rekindled my love for guitar. I performed my senior recital on classical guitar as a degree requirement, as well as frequently performing locally for different local businesses. I've even performed as a solo performer on KEDT Radio, encompassing much of South Texas.

French Horn

I started playing the French Horn the 2nd semester of my senior year of High School, early 2019. I was asked to play the French Horn for my high school's 2nd period band class, because they didn't have anyone to play in that period.


After playing for a short time, I discovered that I love playing the French Horn, the sounds, and the challenges it presents! I played until the end of my senior year, and vowed to keep playing.


When I decided I wanted to pursue music in college, I auditioned on the French Horn with Dr. Kenneth Iyescas, and I have been studying and bettering my musicianship on the French Horn ever since. I have been playing the French Horn for 5 years now, and I have performed in TAMUCC's Symphonic Winds ensemble, and performed with the TAMUCC Horn Choir at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention. 


The instrument which I have the longest performative history with is the Trumpet. I started playing the trumpet when I joined my middle school band at 11 years old.

I've since played trumpet in various mediums for 10 years, including symphonic ensembles, orchestras, marching band, pep bands, and jazz bands. In high school, I performed trumpet solos at the UIL state level, was a re-founding member of the Texas Jazz Festival Student All-Star Jazz Band, and reached area level audition competitions. 

In college, I've kept up my trumpet playing, playing solo gigs, and touring the country as apart of the Islander Pep Band.

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